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  • DB Schenker

    Complete re-design of the corporate website. In cooperation with DB Schenker, Digiden devised a new website concept, featuring basic and detailed designs and the integration of brand new editorial content.

  • ELTEN Shoe Finder App

    One of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes is set to explore uncharted sales territory with its digital shoe finder, providing both sales promotion and sales support. In just a few simple steps, the iPad app developed by Digiden enables customers to find safety shoes tailored to their specific needs.


About us

Digiden is a leading Berlin-based internet agency. We specialise in three areas of digital communication: digital advertising, websites and applications. We develop campaigns and solutions for the web, as well as for mobile and stationary devices, using an integrated, targeted approach and drawing on the expertise of our highly motivated staff from the fields of consulting, concept, design and web development. Digiden was founded in Berlin in 2001.

Our goal:

Our work is 100% dedicated to our great passion - digital communication. We place huge value on using the latest communication mechanisms and devising new ones, as well as creating and managing cross-media communication. Digiden’s aim is to fully utilise the vast creative and functional potential of web-based tools to develop and present products and services. The scope of a full-service internet agency’s options today is determined by its knowledge of web technology. In order to develop the best possible solutions for our customers we need room for manoeuvre. We create this room by constantly remaining on the look-out for new ideas and using state-of-the-art web technologies which provide us with the widest range of options available. Web expertise is our USP.


For more than a decade now our lives have been shaped by ever-faster cycles of technological innovation, by an increasing readiness to adopt innovations and by the rapid distribution of new end devices and platforms – from iPads and games consoles to web-enabled cars and televisions.

Brands are under ever-greater pressure to develop and maintain fast, diversified and profitable digital presentation formats.

Keeping up with consumers today means looking beyond the web browser. It is no longer enough to merely have an impressive web presence.

However, creating new digital experiences and applications for each new digital outlet can lead to dramatic increases in costs and complexity of processes. This is a particular challenge for brands and companies – and for Digiden, which aims to examine complex processes, harness potential and reduce costs in the medium term.

Three basic objectives and principles help us tackle this challenge in our day-to-day work:
1. A strong concept is the basis of any success on the internet.
2. The world is changing at a rapid pace: it is essential to understand target groups and their behavioural patterns at all times.
3. It is vital to follow trends and technologies and always have your finger on the pulse.





  • Digiden sets its sights on HTML5

    In recent years, HTML5 has slowly but surely blazed a trail in efforts to improve the mobile web experience. This is not least through faster loading times that nevertheless maintain the highest quality in the display of moving content. Above all, HTML5 can boast significant technical advantages over HTML4. To date, delivery of multimedia content in websites is dependent on third-party plug-ins, e.g. Flash or QuickTime, while HTML5 integrates multimedia content directly in code, thereby putting an end to this dependence.

    This technical transition within the web ecosystem has been anticipated for some time and naturally DIGIDEN has been intensively occupied with the new HTML5 technology from the outset. In the context of display ads in particular, HTML5 provides genuine advantages for mobile devices, as it was previously only possible to deliver gifs and images. Digiden has already successfully designed and implemented a successful campaign with Deutsche Telekom in the area of HTML5, as well as with other clients.

    With the expertise gained in these projects, we are better placed to meet customer requirements as well as to appropriately address specific target groups, above all via their mobile devices.

    For several years, we have made a strong commitment to practical research in and around the fields of web technology and digital communications with the aim of maintaining our leading role in these areas. HTML5 is just one component among numerous interesting developments that enrich the web. We will continue to report on new developments. more


  • Smarter Dining At Audi

    In close cooperation with Grunwald Display Solutions, Digiden developed a customised dish- and recipe management system for the Audi staff restaurants in Germany.

    The solution – specially developed for Audi – provides chefs with extensive support in the centralised planning of meals in the staff restaurant, as well as the site-wide announcement of currently offered dishes through a combined digital signage system. In their daily or weekly planning, employees can thus stay informed in every detail about the dishes and their ingredients.

    Moreover, the system connects individually with monitors in the respective restaurants in order to display information about current menus.

    The software is already in use and there will be a continuous expansion of functions.


  • Testimonials Microsite For TA Triumph-Adler

    The company TA Triumph-Adler chose to spin off an existing sub-section of their homepage in order to give their testimonials a more fitting setting. The task of the relaunch was assigned to Digiden GmbH.

    While the earlier testimonials area for Triumph-Adler was characterised by simplicity and editorial input, the new microsite took an entirely new approach in both UX (User Experience) as well as adaptability. In addition to a full-text search and filter options, the website features all customer references in asymmetric tiled form with mouseover function

    Because the microsite is also intended as a presentation tool for sales representatives, the client attached particular importance to a responsive design for use with tablets. The entire microsite has thus been optimised for mobile devices.


  • Telekom Tests New Facebook Advertising Media

    Since the beginning of the year, the social networking site Facebook has offered a new way to portray display ads. Because many companies – including Telekom – use their promotional materials to advertise more than just a single product, they have developed dynamic ‘Multi-Product Ads’. The combination of numerous images in one display is an eye-catcher in the Facebook News Feed and at the same time serves to increase visitor numbers.

    Digiden was entrusted with the task of implementing this new form of advertising media. Alongside the creation of three coordinated teaser images, a corresponding text was also developed with the aim of optimally addressing the relevant target group.


  • Turbo Internet Thanks To Hybrid Technology

    A new year with new possibilities – Telekom presented its new and innovative product soon after the kick-off of 2015. The MagentaZuhause Hybrid combines the best of fixed and mobile networks for faster browsing. By bundling bandwidth from both networks, the Speedport Hybrid router enables consistently fast browsing speeds, even at peak loads.

    As part of a display campaign aimed at various target groups, Digiden GmbH was responsible for developing two new motifs. The first is aimed, among others, at families, while the second motif addresses innovators as well as bandwidth-hungry users.

    Both creations were deployed as flash advertising and fallback images on target-group-relevant websites, as well as on Facebook.


  • Membership Campaign

    Since 2013 Digiden has developed regular online campaigns for the global nature conservation and wildlife protection organisation WWF. In the current banner campaign, the panda motif calls for the protection of the panda’s habitat and encourages people to become WWF members and contribute to the long-term protection of nature and wildlife.

    For the campaign, Digiden employed a range of static and animated advertising materials, combining images and text. By using teaser images and addressing potential members directly, Digiden aimed to boost awareness of membership options and attain the best possible conversion rates. All display ads were produced with two different types of call-to-action buttons in an A/B test designed to help Digiden tailor future campaigns more precisely to the target group. Another part of the campaign involved creating various fallback images to be used on tablets and Smartphones.


  • LED Walkway – Experiencing Modern Street Lighting First-Hand

    The German Museum of Technology, the Technical University of Berlin and the real estate company BIM joined forces to develop the project LED Walkway. From March 2015, the 1,500 metre test route will showcase various outdoor lighting concepts from a wide range of manufacturers. The collection of lighting innovations is located on the grounds of the German Museum of Technology at Gleisdreieck.

    Digiden was commissioned by the project partners to devise, design and programme the LED Walkway’s website. The WordPress-based website provides the various interest groups with general information, lists the dates of events, and allows users to track the progress of construction and plan their visit using a map of the walkway, among other features.


  • TA Triumph-Adler Repositions Itself

    TA Triumph-Adler’s new image campaign aims to dust off the profile of the typewriter manufacturer and give it a new lease of life. The new image campaign is divided up into four phases which depict the company’s transition from the old to the new.

    The online advertising materials produced by Digiden to accompany the four campaign motifs were launched in October 2014 and will stay online into the first quarter of 2015. Alongside Spiegel Online and, which reach a broad audience, the materials were placed on special interest websites, such as Heise Online or C’t Online. The campaign motifs also feature in the tablet editions of Die Welt and Heise Online.


  • Till Brönner – The Movie Album

    Digiden has been in charge of Till Brönner’s website since 2012. To mark the release of his new record, Till Brönner’s management commissioned Digiden GmbH to give the website an optical makeover to fit the look of the musician’s new CD.

    As well as making changes to the font, colours and logos, Digiden designed and programmed a landing page aimed at boosting sales. Visitors to can listen to his new music, find out about tour dates, buy tickets or get the album on standard websites such as Amazon or iTunes.


  • Magenta Eins – Bringing Together Landline And Mobile Communications

    Since 5 September 2014 Telekom’s services have come from a single source. Telekom’s Magenta Eins deal is the first all-in-one tariff on the market, offering its end clients combined mobile phone and landline packages. Telekom entrusted Digiden GmbH with the task of adapting all of its display ads, Facebook ads and promotional materials combining images and text to fit the new Magenta Eins tariff.


  • Bombardier: Getting You There Faster

    Every two years, Berlin hosts InnoTrans, the world’s most important trade fair for transport technology, featuring around 220 exhibitors. As one of the leading companies in the industry, Bombardier Transportation’s stand is sure to be one of the first ports of call for the 120,000 people expected to attend InnoTrans 2014.

    Bombardier Transportation joined forces with Digiden to develop a microsite aimed at keeping industry professionals informed before and during the trade fair. The website contains all the important details on the trade fair, showcases products and services and features the latest pictures, videos and tweets. A map on the website will ensure visitors know where to find Bombardier’s stands and a media section contains the latest press releases and a list of contact people.


  • Mobile Phone Surgery Now Offers Online Care

    The recently launched is a mobile phone repair service available to Smartphone users across Germany, providing solutions to all kinds of mobile phone faults. Up until now, mobile repairs could only be carried out at its main office in Berlin. DIGIDEN was contracted to develop a concept for Handyklinik’s online shop and design and programme the website.

    The shopfront of the WordPress-based mobile phone repair shop was enhanced with WooCommerce-PlugIn, which enables customers to make payments quickly and securely via PayPal, among other features. To simplify order processing, a downloadable DHL label is automatically generated containing all important shipping information. A multi-phase report keeps customers up to date at all times on the status of their order. The Handyklinik also helps Smartphone users locate problems: alongside a comprehensive glossary on repairing phones, experts are available for questions via live chat.


  • Football fever strikes again!

    2014 is all about football with the FIFA World Cup kicking off in Brazil this summer. Deutsche Telekom is seizing this opportunity to launch a major campaign to market its wide-ranging product portfolio, using traditional media, TV adverts, out-of-home advertising and POS promotion.

    Digiden GmbH was entrusted with the task of adapting all of Deutsche Telekom’s online advertising materials to its World Cup branding campaign. Under the motto Top Deals for Top Fans, Digiden aimed to bring football fever to the World Wide Web. The new designs specifically created for the campaign will be online during the World Cup and after the last whistle has blown. Digiden hopes you all have a ball!


  • Telekom Young Kampagne - New Motifs For Call & Surf

    Digiden has once again demonstrated its creative talents with the product Call & Surf Young. The four new, street-art style motifs are aimed at the “young” target group, aged 18-28. In addition to a Facebook campaign, Digiden placed the new display ads on a range of targeted websites: all in all, another successful online campaign for Telekom.


  • Close cooperation with Deutsche Telekom

    This year will also see numerous online campaigns for Deutsche Telekom. Digiden will continue to demonstrate its broad range of creative skills in areas such as fixed line services, business customers, the video-on-demand portal Videoload and the developer ecosystem Developer Garden.


  • Internationalising the DB Schenker portal

    At the end of 2012 Digiden successfully relaunched the website by optimising its content structure, enhancing its usability and giving it a fresh, state-of-the-art design. DB Schenker will now draw on Digiden’s expertise in the fields of consulting and concept development to internationalise the portal.

    Digiden will help DB Schenker adapt the design of its corporate website to create over 80 national DB Schenker websites. As well as making extensive changes to the layout and various elements, the content will also be tailored to each country.

    Digiden will join forces with project managers from DB Schenker and support its subsidiaries as they develop concepts for their websites. Following the relaunch of DB Schenker’s corporate website, Digiden will now develop user-oriented sites for each of the logistics company’s national subsidiaries, including a range of features that will appeal to customers in the various countries.


  • WWF campaign to protect the tiger

    Digiden developed an online campaign for the international conservation organization WWF, calling for donations to save the last remaining wild tigers. Digiden transformed the image motifs from the print campaign into online formats and created a range of call-to-action banners.


  • ELTEN Shoe Finder App

    In May 2013 one of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes entrusted Digiden with its online marketing activities. The first collaborative project involved Digiden and ELTEN developing a complex iPad app to help sales staff search ELTEN’s entire product line at the touch of a button and find a selection of work shoes tailored to its customers’ needs. While searching for suitable models, the app takes into account the customer’s individual requirements, their workplace and the tasks involved in their job. At the end of the filtering process, it gives the sales staff a recommendation with a selection of work shoes. This app allows ELTEN to explore uncharted sales territory and more effectively meet its customers individual needs.


  • TA Triumph Adler – Digiden providing digital support to prestige brand

    In February 2013 Digiden began its collaboration with TA Triumph Adler, the market leader in the document business. TA Triumph Adler has entrusted Digiden with developing and managing all of its digital communications. Alongside the expansion of social media activities, the agency is currently focussing on creating web concepts, microsites and websites and launching display and SEM campaigns. To optimise its service to TA Triumph Adler, Digiden has allocated projects to experts from the areas of digital communication, web design, online marketing, design and web development, who consult each other on all digital activities and pool their interdisciplinary knowledge.


  • Digiden wins pitch for Developer Garden account

    Developer Garden, Deutsche Telekom’s developer ecosystem, was looking for a new agency to devise, design and create its online advertising materials. Digiden managed to hold its own faced with tough competition and added another of Deutsche Telekom GmbH’s brands to its portfolio. The aim of the account will be to promote the services offered by Developer Garden to customers in the B2B sector.


  • Digiden and dena engage in dialogue

    The German energy agency “dena” commissioned Digiden GmbH to devise, design and create a website on the topic of “stakeholder dialogue to enhance energy-efficient products”. The website aimed to build a basis for dialogue between stakeholders, introduce the topic, provide information and highlight links. To fulfil these requirements, Digiden installed a Typo3-based backend and designed a frontend with an individual appearance, yet still in line with Dena’s corporate design guidelines. To visit the website, go to


  • Top HRS deals every day with Digiden’s display ads

    HRS offers a range of attractive hotel deals every day in selected cities. The HRS banner, designed and programmed by Digiden, adapts to the new HRS deals on offer every day. All details of the deals, such as the location, price, hotel name and classification are loaded from the HRS database via XML interfaces and adapted to the required format.


  • Till Brönner Website – a new, streamlined web presence

    Digiden devised, created and launched the new website of the musician Till Brönner. The website was developed with Foundation and the publishing system WordPress. The redesign involved the integration of image and video galleries and the Amazon shop system. Responsive layout automatically optimises the site for all end devices.


  • Headed to new destinations: MairDumont launches with Digiden

    The MairDumont publishing house joined forces with Digiden to devise a new concept and design for its website 4trips is the largest travel network in the German-speaking world. The aim of the project was to give the website a contemporary feel and boost its appeal to partners and travel enthusiasts. The redesign included a new page structure, more emotional imagery and the integration of client specials and SEO, increasing traffic to the website and guaranteeing a successful payout for all of its advertising partners’ banner formats. Responsive layout ensures optimal display of content on all end devices.


  • Successful 4businesstrips launch

    With the support of Digiden MAIRDUMONT launched a highly successful new B2B online platform. Within a few weeks established itself as high-traffic internet address for business travellers. This vastly sought after target group is well catered for by travel experts from MAIRDUMONT and 4trips, the largest German-speaking online travel network. Selected cooperation and advertising partners provide information and offers that are relevant to users from the business world. Digiden is responsible for the creative concept and design. The website was coded using a responsive Wordpress theme.


  • Universal KlassikAkzente iPad App in store

    Digiden and Universal Music launched their second iPad app. KlassikAkzente on the iPad combines all the benefits of print and web and transforms Universal Music's classical music content into a digital format. The app is based on the existing JazzEcho app. It is visually appealing, consistently user-friendly and uses state-of-the-art technology.


  • MAIRDUMONT - Digiden welcomes new client

    MAIRDUMONT is the market leader for tourist information in Germany and Europe, with travel publications like Marco Polo, DuMont and Lonely Planet guides, Falk city maps, ADAC cartography. MAIRDUMONT's range of products is complemented by electronic-media and marketing. Digiden will support these business divisions in the future with their expertise in concept, creation and coding.


  • DB Schenker - new online presence

    DB Schenker’s new international website boasts a completely revamped user interface, featuring a fresh, contemporary design. Digiden devised and designed the new web presence for the world’s leading logistics provider and was also responsible for a large part of the programming. The project involved finding optimal solutions to meet the individual demands and special requirements of DB Schenker’s international logistics customers. The result was a user-friendly website, which can be easily navigated and provides direct access to important tools. The website features areas that allow the integration of video content, creating a bond with users and encouraging them to explore the site.


  • Honda CR-V web special

    Digiden developed a web special for Honda Deutschland to accompany the global premiere of the CR-V Concept 2012 at Geneva International Motor Show. The microsite showcases the new SUV using responsive web design, ensuring that content is displayed in an optimal format on all end devices. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer, will keep users up to speed on the latest developments of Honda’s automotive division.


  • Telekom business performance

    The business customers division of Deutsche Telekom is stepping up its cooperation with Digiden. Each month, new campaigns are launched for products in the fields of landline and mobile communications. Projects in February focussed primarily on Business Basic Complete, Call & Surf and Entertain, as well as the topic of VDSL and new mobile tariffs. Digiden devised, designed and implemented standard performance advertising formats, which were placed in high-traffic networks. The agency is extremely pleased about this intensified cooperation and its successful campaigns.


  • Digiden expands coding unit

    Digiden GmbH’s development team is growing and currently looking for staff in the field of web and mobile applications and programming for innovative online advertising. This development has come about as a result of a number of new and exciting projects. Please go to jobs for more information.


  • HRS - Digiden enables search for hotels in four different languages

    HRS commissioned Digiden to enhance the current performance and affiliate banner campaigns to make them compatible for international use by implementing them in English, Italian, French and Polish. For this purpose Digiden designed three banner motifs based on the current HRS branding campaign that are being featured on international, high-reach websites. The highlights of the varied banner campaign include a dynamically designed banner motif in which travellers can enter their destination and their travel dates to be directly forwarded to the corresponding HRS hotel listings.


  • Universal Music hits the mark with Digiden’s viral campaign

    For Justin Bieber’s new album “Under the Mistletoe”, Universal Music entrusted Digiden with the development of a creative online campaign. The campaign should attract attention and encourage fans to interact. Digiden created the “Justin Bieber Covermaker” with the help of which within the first 10 days around 3,500 covers were designed on the website. The cover editor was created in HTML 5 and JavaScript. A wide range of settings provide scope for creative designs in which both texts and images can be used. The finished cover can be printed out for your own CD or forwarded to friends via Facebook and email. In addition, the website offers the option to view the trailer and listen to the new album.


  • HRS - New banner campaign

    The end of 2011 was the kick-off date for the big branding campaign of Europe’s leading hotel reservation portal Digiden contributed the design and programming of five banner motifs. These are based on the print and poster motifs and Digiden has optimised and animated them for online use. Exciting special formats such as a “Super Video Wall” were added to enhance the campaign. The current HRS performance banners were also created by Digiden.


  • Kontakter: Digiden wins campaign of the week for Deutsche Telekom

    Deutsche Telekom is one of Digiden’s long-standing customers and also, according to Nielsen, currently the country’s second biggest online advertiser. So it’s even more flattering that the work for this customer is receiving praise from outside the company as is the case with the current industry magazine Kontakter. The magazine dubbed Digiden’s advertising media “Kinder TV” “the online campaign of the week”. With the support of Mickey Mouse, Digiden developed a campaign that is “cheerful, colourful and attractive” and “enchants the viewer with a firework of colourful little stars”, writes Arnd Benninghoff, Managing Director of Sevenone Intermedia. Digiden is very pleased about the praise and the award.


  • Honda introduces digital IAA trade fair presence

    On Thursday, the world’s biggest auto show IAA is kicking off in Frankfurt. Before the start of the trade fair, Digiden is creating the presentation of the digital online version of the trade fair for Honda. Digiden was commissioned to design, as well as provide the contents, graphics and programming for the website. The website invites visitors to a virtual tour of the Honda trade fair presence and gets the potential trade fair visitor in the mood, while guiding them through it. Honda provides information on the stand concept, all news, various environmental technologies and other pioneering products. In addition to the automobiles, these also include micro heating plants, solar cells and smart home concepts.


  • DirectSmile presents new website created by Digiden

    For their long-standing customer DirectSmile, over the past few months Digiden has designed and programmed a brand-new website. DirectSmile from Berlin is the inventor of image personalisation and one of the leading service providers for cross media marketing. The website with its streamlined and clear design, as well as its new and improved menu structure, was developed in Typo3. Of course, Digiden also kept an eye on the SEO aspect and optimised the site structure and content accordingly.


  • Honda Civic responsive layout up until the world premiere

    Honda Germany is arousing curiosity on the internet in anticipation of the world premiere of the new Honda Civic at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt. Up until the start of the world’s biggest motor show, the website, which was designed and programmed by Digiden, will be regularly updated and expanded to include new information about the five-door car. The site’s technical highlight is the programming in a “responsive layout”. Whether accessed with a desktop computer, a tablet PC or a smartphone, the website adjusts itself accordingly and is always properly displayed. The optimisation to certain window sizes and the complex multi-programming of mobile websites are no longer required.


  • LIGA total! Digiden creates online campaign for Deutsche Telekom

    In time for the launch of the new football season, LIGA total!, the Bundesliga channel of Deutsche Telekom, is taking an offensive position with a new advertising campaign. The company has entrusted Digiden with the production of digital advertising motifs for the large-scale awareness campaign. Digiden developed three online motifs and another one for mobile use. These are adapted for various standard formats and specials and are featured on high-reach, sport-related portals such as Sportbild, Sport1, Yahoo and Kicker, etc.


  • HRS chooses Digiden

    Digiden welcomes aboard a new customer: HRS – Hotel Reservation Service decided to work with Digiden as the result of a pitch with several agencies. In future, Digiden will design the online advertising in the fields of Affiliate, Performance and Branding for Europe’s largest hotel reservation portal.


  • Telekom simplifies website of Miles & More cooperation

    An exciting job for Digiden from Deutsche Telekom. Due to the future joint presence of the landline and mobile divisions, Lufthansa is completely revising the communication of the partnership with Miles & More. What was previously presented on different sites will now be presented on one portal for all divisions and all customer groups: Digiden developed the communication strategy for this and turned it into a concept and a design.


  • HTML5 banners for the future of online advertising!?

    For Universal Music customers, for the first time ever Digiden is producing HTML5 banners and featuring these in a targeted manner when Universal websites are accessed by the iPad. Modern browsers are still not sufficiently widespread for the wide-scale use of HTML5 banners, but this makes sense in a couple of niches, such as that of the iPad. Because HTML5 can be used to creatively design banners without Flash and with various styles, there is no comparison to the GIF fallbacks that were previously the standard. Incidentally, Universal is using the new banners to advertise the iPad app designed by Digiden for its own magazine JazzEcho.


  • Universal Music and Digiden bring JazzEcho to the iPad

    Digiden developed the iPad app of the JazzEcho magazine for Universal Music. Now JazzEcho is the first and only German music magazine available as a free app in the iTunes store. JazzEcho on the iPad is made up of two parts: the quarterly magazine and a large music database with current data on artists, news, new releases, incl. audio samples, videos and dates. The app features an intuitive and well designed operation, as well as a captivating presentation of the multimedia content. A direct connection to the CMS of Universal Music makes it easier to update the app. In addition, jazz fans can buy their favourite music directly from the app.


  • BASF Opts for Digital Reader technology across Europe

    Following a public tender and pitch, the world’s leading chemical company BASF went for Digiden’s e-paper service. The Digital Reader is an easy-to-use tool which transforms ready-for-print PDF files into an interactive, digital, page-turning format with a variety of features. BASF uses the Digital Reader to publish its employee magazine “euroscope”, which is available four times a year in six languages across Europe.


  • Telekom Business division contracts performance campaign

    Deutsche Telekom AG’s private customer division is one of Digiden’s long-standing clients. Its business customer division has now followed suit and placed its trust in Digiden’s online expertise. The first project involved developing a performance banner campaign for the Business Basic Complete tariff.


  • Digital Reader enables digital launch of C.A.T. magazine

    Yet another client for Digiden’s Digital Reader. With the help of the Digital Reader, C.A.T.-Verlag Blömer GmbH has published an online, reader-friendly edition of its specialist magazine. The particular challenge of this project was the A3 format of the magazine’s print edition. This was not a problem for the Digital Reader software, which enables one-to-one conversion of any number of different formats.


  • Digiden new project review and approval tool launched

    Digiden developed a new project review and approval tool, which simplifies and boosts the efficiency of the approval phase between the client and the agency. Clients are given password-protected access to the tool, allowing them to review current designs online and give feedback. This is then communicated to the Digiden project manager, who takes the necessary action. Communication during the approval process is conducted via a central platform; after receiving approval, comments and advertising materials are automatically archived to ensure that the approval process is transparent and easy to follow. The new tool is especially useful for clients with numerous or complex projects.


  • Alcatel Lucent chooses Digiden

    Digiden welcomes the global technology provider Alcatel Lucent as a new customer. In its first project for Alcatel Lucent, Digiden supported the technology provider in the implementation of a mobile application. The prototype of a mobile entertainment system is used in automobiles and was presented by Alcatel Lucent at CeBit 2011.


  • Trends online advertising continues to gain ground

    According to the latest study by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft, internet advertising is the second most popular form of advertising in Germany – overtaking newspapers in terms of advertising expenditure for the first time. Television advertising continues to hold the top spot. In 2012 advertisers spent 5.4 billion EUR (19.2% of total expenditure) on online advertising and this trend looks set to continue. Classic banner adverts account for the largest share of this advertising and have seen the highest growth rates. Magazines and newspapers, on the other hand, are continuing to lose ground and report falling figures. Download the OVK online report 2011/01 here.


  • launches new website

    Digiden completely redesigned and programmed the travel portal for the Thai publisher EuroThai Media. With the relaunch and many new functions, in the medium term the website is set to become the leading German-speaking information portal for tourists and expatriates in Thailand and Southeast Asia. For six years, the publisher has been publishing the monthly travel and lifestyle magazine which is provided on board Lufthansa and airberlin flights to Thailand. has also commissioned Digiden to market its website. If you are interested, please contact us to find out more about conditions and design options.


  • Crossmedia 2.0: Exciting presentations and talks

    The first Crossmedia 2.0 Competence Day at Soho House Berlin was a resounding success. Held on the historic premises of the GDR’s first politbureau, the event focussed on the various forms of digital marketing. Six fascinating presentations highlighted the huge range of possibilities for creative marketing in this vast field. More and more companies are increasing their digital communication budgets and focussing on this area. The aim of Crossmedia 2.0 was to stimulate discussion and ideas for the future. The next Crossmedia 2.0 Competence Day will be held in 2011. For more information and the best images from the event, go to


  • Crossmedia 2.0: Digital marketing for professionals

    On 26 November 2010 Digiden is holding the first Crossmedia 2.0 Competence Day at Soho House Berlin. The event is aimed at decision makers from the marketing industry and promises to be an exciting day with talks from six well-known specialists, as well as plenty of time for networking and discussion. Crossmedia 2.0 will sharpen attendees’ eyes for the various faces of digital marketing: banner advertising, search engine marketing, social media, mobile applications etc. Go to Crossmedia 2.0 for more information.


  • DMMA OnlineStar Bronze award with DDB Germany and Telekom

    The winners of the DMMA OnlineStar award have been announced. Digiden won the bronze award in the Social Media category as partner agency to DDB Germany. DDB Germany had developed the “Sky hat keine Ahnung von Fußball” campaign for Deutsche Telekom, for which Digiden contributed to the online advertising media and developed eight different banner themes in various formats, as well as streaming advertisements. The DMMA OnlineStar award was presented in nine categories on 26 October 2010 in Berlin by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V., MFG Baden-Württemberg, and the publishing group Ebner Ulm:


  • Flash vs. HTML5 in online advertising

    The dividing lines between the leading actors in this dispute – Apple and Adobe – seem to have hardened and the battle is being fought out in public. But what is behind it all? A glance at the details shows what advertisers and agencies need to be aware of in this controversy, and what they need to prepare themselves for in the future.


  • Daimler Financial Services places its trust in Digiden

    A new customer for Digiden. Daimler Financial Services places its trust in the Berlin-based agency’s technical prowess for the redesign of an internal platform for its Corporate & Marketing Communications division, which is used for managing campaigns, advertising materials, and pictures. The platform is programmed in .Net.


  • iPad, tablets, mobile Internet – what next for marketing and advertising?

    Within just a few weeks, the iPad has caused more of a stir than the iPhone and many people are anticipating a revolution in the way we use computers in the future. But what does the launch of the iPad and other tablet PCs actually mean for the advertising industry?


  • myBet A sure bet: Digiden creates online advertisements for

    Betting operator relies on Digiden. is one of the leading online portals for sports betting, casino games and poker in Europe, with a focus on Germany. Digiden’s proposals won out in a pitch involving three other agencies. The agency is now creating the online advertising campaign and two microsites for the new customer.


  • Ekumo website launch

    Digiden relaunches Ekumo GmbH’s new company website. At visitors will now find useful information about the benefits of online-based work in single-source editing environments. Prospective customers can find the answers to typical questions and problems related to the creation, maintenance and translation of technical documentation. Digiden gave the website a complete makeover in terms of both content and design, and it is now based on the current version of the Typo3 content management system. It was also optimised with regard to performance and SEO, and was quickly among the top hits returned by a natural Google search.


  • Deutsche Telekom Football experience at

    Digiden introduces football action to online advertising together with Deutsche Telekom. Visitors to the website have their experience temporarily interrupted by a football destroying the website. In addition, various video streams also play at different points, some of them showing the TV commercial. The format is part of Deutsche Telekom’s current “Das Erleben Experiment” campaign, which was launched on 21 June 2010. The advertising medium is a completely new development from Digiden, so the challenge lay not only in the creative side of things, but also in the technical realisation and integration into existing ad server systems.


  • Musicload World Cup promotion

    To tie in with the World Cup, Musicload is offering download versions of the best football songs of all time and gave Digiden the task of developing the online campaign. The Flash banners will advertise the promotional offer from the start of June through to mid-July in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • Honda Automobil website relaunch

    The new website goes live just in time for the Germany premiere of the new Honda CR-Z. This is already the third expansion stage since the website’s launch in October 2009. The relaunch adds new content to the site and makes it visually more sophisticated. The design consists of three selectable colour versions and different video streams matched to these in the background. The website will be used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium in the future, and is based on our own, easy-to-use CMS, and variable communication fields. These allow the content to be altered quickly and flexibly without any programming costs.


  • Computerwoche shows its support for the Digital Reader

    Digiden is pleased to have acquired a new customer for its Digital Reader product. In future, Munich-based IDG publishing group will present several Computerwoche publications in Digital Reader e-paper format on its websites. The publisher had tested the Digital Reader extensively in advance for customer acceptance and quality. Digiden’s Digital Reader Service offers its customers the possibility of quickly converting PDF publications into professional leaf-through Flash magazines, which they can then integrate easily into their websites.


  • T-Home Launch of the Entertain HD online campaign

    T-Home Entertain is today launching a major online campaign for high definition (HD) television based on the ATL themes on popular websites including Bild, Pro7, Sat1, TV-Movie and TV-Spielfilm. The campaign uses various advertising media formats, including wallpapers, tandems, layers and interstitials. The current advertisements all focus on the HD TV experience and use themes from the blockbuster “The Lord of the Rings”. The film has been available in HD exclusively via Videoload from T-Home Entertain since the start of April. Campaign Preview.


  • T-Home Online campaign to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall

    Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the second flight of the T-Home “Grenzen gab’s gestern” online campaign is ready for take-off. Digiden GmbH developed a total of nine different banner themes based on the ATL campaign. The current campaign themes were realised in numerous special formats, including video streamings for popular websites such as RTL, Pro7, Sat1, TVMovie, Bild and many more besides. Digiden also created advertisements for the T-Home Entertain programme manager. A new T-Home online campaign is soon to be launched by the Berlin-based agency, this time focusing on “LIGA total”! Campaign Preview.


  • Honda Industrie EU 30i microsite

    Digiden has worked for Honda Motorrad and Automobil for some time, so the team was thrilled to now also be able to welcome Honda Industrie as a customer. A microsite developed by Digiden providing information about the new EU 30i current generator is the first project to go live: The site uses an intelligent combination of XHTML and Flash. The text is maintained conveniently via XML, which means that the customer is able to create local versions of the site independently and with ease.


  • Digiden welcomes Fabian Wilhelm

    Digiden GmbH welcomes a new recruit to its digital marketing team: From 1 October Fabian Wilhelm will join the Interactive division, working on screen, Flash and motion design for the customers Deutsche Telekom AG, Musicload, Honda Motorrad/Automobil, and Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag, among others. The designer and graduate engineer in typography and media technology has previously worked in a freelance capacity for Daimler AG (Society and Technology Research Group), Schrenk + Schrenk GmbH, Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH and zweimaleins werbeagentur GmbH.


  • Honda Automobil becomes Digiden customer

    The Berlin-based agency has already implemented numerous online marketing measures for the motorcycle division of the Japanese vehicle manufacturer since 2006. As the first joint project, Honda CR-Z launched the microsite, which Digiden designed and realised just in time for the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. The “CR-Z Concept 2009” is celebrating its world premiere at the show.





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